Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Independance Day

Yes yes, the titile is from one of those sci-fi flicks from the mid 80s. Corny and same as all the others. Well, no. Today I'm not here to talk about an alien invasion on mother earth or body snatchers. Right now, I would just like to celebrate with the rest of Malaysia it's independance. This is a giant event as.. Malaysia has finally pushed it's way through 50 years of self preservation. Trying and testing times had befallen us in the past, but we moved on. Well, since it's the eve of our nation's big day.. I would like to take a little time to just post about our truly beloved country.

Malaysia - the multi cultural country where races is only skin deep. We are a big family filled with Malays, chinese and indians as a whole. (Of course there are also the other smaller amounts of aboriginal people, portuguese, ibans, kadazans and most definitely.. mix breeds) The people here are friendlier than rabid dogs in the jungle that are ready to tear at anyone or anything that comes too close in contact. This country is very close knitted. Whatever your neighbour is doing, we would find out eventually. Yes, very close knitted. We love our country don't we?

When one talks about courtesy, we are the best. People would more than often hold doors open for themselves only, talk at their own estimated discreet-ness on the phone in the cinema and our favourite, find the best places to help us "beautify" our streets with recycleable things. These are what we call Malaysians. To be a true Malaysian, one must learn the ways of the Malaysian. Not many can easily be passed as a Malaysian. Even I for one was utterly surprised that though I was born and bred fully in Malaysia, people can still mistaken me as a foreigner. Maybe it's the fact that I tend to give people smiles when the time calls for it. Or maybe it's due to the way I respond to things. Perhaps it my none que jumping, door holding ways that got to them. Whatever it is, I've been mistaken as a Japanese, Korean, Australian and even Myanmarnese before.

What else is there about this fair country of ours? Now we move on to the natural surroundings of Malaysia. As far as I see it, we the monkeys have finally found our true home in Kuala Lumpur, the fast beating heart of Malaysia. We are surrounding totally by a concrete jungle that emits more fumes than a 100 active volcanoes. If one wants to see a misty day, one can travel to the city center and BOOM! There it is, the mystified environment that also comes with it's very own sauna system.. in the open! Yes yes, that's the city center for you. As for the beaches we have, they are utterly magnificient. Seashells that can never be seen anywhere else in the world can be seen lying all over the beach. Metallic looking shells, pink stretchable seaweed and even small cap sized pebbles with it's random glass-like corals. All this and more. Wait.. we haven't even talked about the sea. It is the most open of all places to swim in. No one, not even fish would distract one if one wants to go for a dip but beware, do swim only at night where the sea water blends in color with the night sky.

Ah yes, how could we forget the place to be for all of you racing fans. Who needs rodeos and circus performers? We got our very own daredevils loitering the streets and showing off their feats of bravery on their motorbikes. Modified cars with turbo engines and the best performances can be heard buzzing around the city streets all day and all night. If one can't sleep, get up out of bed, a race must have just started.

Anyway, the best part about Malaysia would most probably be the food. Greasy, oily, mouth watering food can be savoured only here. No preservatives whatsoever in them. Only all natural salt and pepper in them.. in great amounts. This is what can be seen in most places. Never the less, if one wants good food. Come to Malaysia. Malaysian, thought not obese, are provided with food 24/7. Anywhere at anytime, food can be seen sold. Shops, roadsides, your neighbour's house. Anywhere. It's just totally amazing!

Lastly, we talk about honestly. Malaysia is an honestly country and we love it for that. Come on, even the police departments are convincing us that they are genuine about this with the launch of "No Bribes" campaign. No, bribes are against the law. We are honest Malaysians. And we love them for that. The zeal and determination of our country too can be displayed in our daily lives. The rat races are intense as one individual takes over the lesser ones of society. Hmm.. if one drives on the streets of Kuala Lumpur in rush hour. One would know exactly what I'm saying about rat races. We are fair honest people. Honesty is the best policy right? Without honesty, we can not grow to such lengths of 1st world infrastructure right? Of course, we believe in social equality. Our riches are shared amount the poor through taxes, tolls etc. Sadly, sometimes this social equality takes a toll of a person as profits are being made by these businessmen that are very much in need of a little help.

Oh well, this is Malaysia for you guys! No matter what it is or what it's becoming, we still love it right? We are our nation and it is our future. Cheers.

"I'm rice yellow. My best friend is mocha chocolate. So deal with it!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Friends are the people that really do mean the most to me.. other than my family of course. These are the people that were sent by God to give me a helping hand, a listening ear and also a shoulder to cry on. These are the great people that were there when I needed someone to be by my side. To listen to my stories. To lighten my load. Without them, I would be lost. Aimless.. roaming the land like a zombie from the typical olden day horror flicks.

Friends - the people that moulds the lives of many others. The most influenctial group of individuals in every person's life. These are the people that either tears down or builts up one's self esteem, one's confidence and of course, every other aspect of one's life. Well, like it or not, everyone's got to have friends. No matter who you are or where you're from. You got to have them. A must have..

Anyway, thanks to this fact, I've been hanging out a whole lot more than I used to. To start off my day, I actually found the time to hang out with my long lost brothers from APIIT. Yes, this is the college I attended before this. These were the people I spent time with when I was at college. All this time I feel like I've abandoned them. So to make do of the time I have now, I decided to pay them a visit. We hung out, we ate, we bummed.. Of course, the APIIT-ans can never go without a visit to the local cyber cafe. So yes, I was there with them just gaming as usual.

Around 4 or so, I left them and headed off to Bandar Utama. There, I met up with my bestie, his wife and her bestie. Yet again we were at Starbucks Centrepoint and we bummed there and just enjoyed each other's company. We chat a little till it was time to leave. Everyone went back to their respective homes except me and my bestie.

From here, we headed off to Connaught. When we were there, we played a lil foos and just hung out even more!! Picked up Vickie and met up with Stanley. That idiot actually decided to challenge me in pool. Sadly, I was totally out of shape and couldn't shoot for nuts. So evidently, I somewhat lost to him.. eventhough he eats chickenrice since his birth. All the stupid lucky shots coming out.. gahh!! Aggitating. Whatever it is, that was pretty much how I spent my day. Wastefully.. but with friends. :D That's what matters isn't it?

P.S. A big shoutout to Mr. Rambu Van Tan. Yes you Stan! You idiot! You're one hell of a lucky bastard. Thanks for spending the day anyway. And yes, the scenery in APIIT very much improved itself since my last visit. Aight then, dog tired.. going to bed soon.. toodles..

"Friends are siblings God forgot to give us."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well, just today. I was actually back home yet again after so long. It's been a few weeks since I last unlocked my main door and took a step into that place. It felt just like the first time when I was younger only that at that moment, I was still new to the surrounding and I was really excited. Back then, I darted into the semi furnished house, excitement bubbling inside of me, ready to burst out like an active volcano ready to explode. As I entered, I ran around the house, looking in every nook and cranny just seeing how big it was. It wasn't the largest place of all. It was small yet comfortable. It was very homey. Right now, it was the same. I didn't expect this feeling to emerge again but yes, that was what happened.

I made my way through the house, looking at the photos, the plants, everything. It seems so new to me now. I still remember back then when I took the place for granted. Entering and exiting as and when I wanted to. What my parents told me before this came back to me..

" You think this house is a hotel to you is it? It's a home. Treat it with respect. One day, you would regret what you have done and just rethink your life right there and then.."

Those were the exact words that came out of my parent's mouth. Now that I think about it, it's true. After living so long outside of my own home, I really do miss it and wish that I cherished it more. After touring the living room, I then headed to my room. Ahh yes, this is it. The place where I onced only use for sleeping of all things. Nothing more than just.. sleep. Well, everything was still the same. My bed was made up like I left it. The clothes were still the same. Hurrying, I packed up what I needed and immediately shot out of my room door.

As I was ready to walk out the front door, I stopped. Turned back and looked towards the sliding door that separated the living room with the balcony. A thought came to me.. "One last pitstop before I leave this house". As soon as the thought went through my head, I realized myself already walking towards the sliding door, pushing aside the curtains that hung down all the way to the floor. With a little effort, the door slided with a the nostalgic squeek escaping it as it forces it's way open. The night air was cooling after a late evening shower. The below was lighted up by street lights and cars.

Thoughts of childhood once again flashed through my mind. The 1st time I was here, all that could be seen was a river stream that flowed through a lush jungle right in front. To the right was the highway and to the left, the golfcourse. Now, an elevated highway was constructed above the highway and the jungle was no longer there. A new housing estate was built up to ease the congestion of people that needed a home. The river was still there and the golfcourse was too.

Finally, it was time to leave. I took one last glance at the scenery and was soon headed out the door. As I unlatched the door and unlocked the gate, tears began to fill my eyes as I thought of my life. Where am I headed to in life? What am I doing to fulfill my destiny of greatness? Right now.. nothing. Words that were said could never be taken back. Actions cannot be undone. Things were as it is. Nothing could be changed from the past but yet, there was a small spark of hope in my future. All that needs to be done is to do what I needed to do now in order to grasp the future that awaits me. Other than that, images of my loved ones came to mind. Not just my friends of course. Even my family came to mind. All of them were smiling and were waiting for me, just waiting. What were they waiting for you ask? Well, for me to finish this race called life. This race where not many people succeeded in finishing as a winner. The zeal finally came to me as I decided to turn my life around. No more being stupid after this. As soon as college starts, it's time to be serious again. Determination is important for victory right?

Well, that was about what happened to me this evening. Other than that, I was gaming with my friends.. Yes, marcus and the APIIT gang. It's been ages since we met up and I decided that it was about time to go hangout with them a little. Darn my dota skills are a little rusty but yet, I was able to make it as 2nd in the game.. Yes! :P Now I'm just home chilling and enjoying the moment. Would be heading to be pretty early tonight. Got a long day ahead anyway. Smiles people.. :D

P.S. Marcus! Thanks for the night bro. And Stanley.. we would be meeting tomorrow and yes you! You would be sitting under the pool table.. MUahahHAHahaha..!! Anyways, that's about it for tonight. A little emo now.. I blame it on the bloody menthol lights that Jean lefted in my car the other day. Dang! It's killing my male hormones!! Either that or me being a little too in touch with my sensitive side.. sigh..

"Smiles of happiness and tears of joy are needed for one to grow stronger in life. Without it, one is nothing more than a heartless crust with no reason to live.."


The sky was cloudy and the air cooling as Jack sits in the outdoors relaxed and refreshed. A gentle breeze caresses his face as he takes in the end of this beautiful day. Clad with only a tee, shorts and slippers, he looks on towards the distant horizon where he sun began to set. The smiling sun was only inches away from touching the surface of the water. Coconut trees danced in the breeze. Slow music was playing as a small fire crackles closeby. This was the life.. Peace and serenity. Not a burden in the world. A total zen and balance between the body and the soul..

*Rooster crows.* That was his alarm tone set on his handphone. Evidently used to doing it, Jack effortlessly moves his hand towards his cellphone and instantly shuts it off. There he goes again back to dreamland as the world was bustling with activity. It was 9 a.m. when his alarm rang. Nothing much was to be done today but yet, he wanted to make it a stand for him to wake up a little earlier than usual. Sadly, that really didn't happen. Snores escapes him as he lies there motionlessly, sleeping till God knows when.

Soon, the sun was already high up in the sky. It was 3p.m. Jack turns his back, still in slumberland. Nothing much have changed except for the position he lay in. After almost 12 hours of sleep, slowly but surely, his mind ticks in and his body became to move. As if in clockwork motion, he then arises, stretches his arms, yawns and pulls off the covers that kept him warm all throughout his night of sleep. With a blurry vision. he then heads on to his daily neccesities. Cleaning himself was routine. It was no longer what he had to think to do. His body begins to function on it's own as he washes up and heads downstairs for a late lunch.

After that, weird but true, he indulges himself in some late afternoon cartoons. Yes, thought at his age, he favors cartoons. Dreamily he stares at the idiot box not noticing but was going on. Time was needed for him to sober up and after more than an hour, his mind finally worked. Thoughts of chores and things to do were laid out in his mind. Each one in the order he had planned. Well, not really much to do anyway. No one was going to be home today. He didn't have any plans of leaving his house either. So yes, here it goes. Wash the car and feed the dog. That's about it. Simple enough. Of course, there was also the need to finally clean his room. So off he went to do his chores.

It was still drizzling when he woke up and it finally stopped when he was all set to clean his car. The vehicle was nothing much to look at. Just an ordinary car that transported him around the place. The was his darling. His loved one. His baby.. After 2 hours of thorough washing, it was sparkling clean. This was what hard work was meant to do. His work really did pay off as he smiles to himself. Well, now it's time to polish his beauty up. Slowly, he apllies the polishing detergent liquid on a dry cloth as he rubs away at his car. Right before he was done with the polishing. Lo and behold, the rain started to come down again. Pissed off, he then finishes up and stomps his way into the house taking one last glance at his baby before entering the house. Still a little hot in the head, he still felt satisfied at his work.

Well, as for the rest of the chores, it would be later that he does it. For now, he decides to just relax a little more. This is what life is about ain't it? Knowing when to actually just sit down and chill.

That was about what happened today in my life. Nothing interesting. Just the usual boring day I usually have. Of course, I got uber bad news! I found scratches on my car that I never knew were there before!! *Gasp!* It's true. Blue marks through the right rear end. I was in shock when I saw the marks. The idiot that did it would really pay for it! Literally! Anyway, I'm so bored. What am I to do? Gahh!!! Oops.. going out soon I guess.. no worries.. :D

P.S. Today, I would like to make a shoutout to three special beings that make my life all the richer.. my dogs. :P Yes, they are really a furball of fun and I love them no matter what! Rock on doggies! Don't be making me smack ya! :P

"Sleep.. is the way a mind refreshes itself. Eat.. is the way the stomach replenishes itself. Laughs.. is the way one restores one's self."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Balance and Family..

The topic that most intrigued me today was most definitely what we discussed today at McDonalds. It's quite surprising and true what Jean said about what we tend to talk about. No matter what topic we begin with. Eventually, we would still end up talking about our families and how in awe we are of what they've achieved in their lives. Parents anyway.. And it's true. With their own bare hands they achieved the impossible by raising up the three of us. Me, my brother and my sister-in-law. How does that work? Of course we are talking about three different families with three different sets of parents/parent that grew up and endured different obstacles and difficulties in their lives. To add to that, they managed all that while raising kids like us.
Not exactly oddities but still, the 1st to come to mind is Jack. The one that emerged from a coconut tree thinking that money does grow on trees and thinking that his parents are ATM machines that churn money the way cows churn out milk. His insensitive actions of making really expensive mistakes cause the family a bundle.
Next in line - Shobaan. The man that's got it all. A bottomless pocket that requires constant refilling. With this guy, no parent can be considered rich enough to fund him. In it comes and soon.. *poof* out it goes..
Finally, the one that I know not too much about - Jean. Well, she isn't exactly a problem to her mum now is she? But yet, she's a girl. This means a constant, steady flow of income is required for her upkeep.
Well well, a salute to the parent. An essential need in the lives of every growing child and of course, teenager. As we mature, we finally come to learn the importance of these God given individuals that endure our stupid behavior agaisnt all odds.
Anyway, just to sum up my day, not much going on but yet, it's still a little something. Was at Asia yet again as every other Monday. Was hanging out, foosing, eating and of course, waiting for Shobaan. As usual. Same o same o. Apparently, I really don't think life is going anywhere at this rate. Would be signing up for college really soon. Perhaps this coming week. Whatever it is. I intend to become a somebody. Not a nobody like what many aspire to be..

P.S. Thanks yet again to all those that made my day. And yes, I feel a little more bubbly today thanks to the somewhat sufficient amount of sleep I got last night. Glad that I was able to catch up with Tasha a little. :D Would really miss having someone to chat with at the wee hours in the morning, Sigh.. Oh well, life goes on right?

"Life with balance and aim bears great fruit but an imbalanced life with no aim brings nothing but regret and grieve."

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mountains on My Shoulders

There were tales of men that lifted the weight of the world or of people that did great things in their life. Let's take for instance, Hercules - the greatest man on earth. Or Superman - the Alien Dude that's super everything. Maybe even Jesus - The One that bear the sins of the World. But has it ever occured to you that the general story had been laid out before us. We never really knew if they whined or felt pain or were.. well, human. This was what really made them seem like heroes to us. Like really great, brave people. People never really bothered wondering how it feels having these great burdens on them.. Have anyone wondered if they needed feet massages? Or back rubs? Or maybe a spa treament? Nobody did wonder that..

Well, not to compare myself with any of these great people but honestly, work is a bitch! Thank God I'm not working for long anymore. Just yesterday, I had a job.. as a salesperson. Though it may sound easy, it isn't. I tried my best to drag people to buy this one weird brand of pasta but sadly.. not many were influenced by my persuasive smile and cheerful greetings. My colleague tells me that it's cause I'm too tall.. intimidating.. Sigh.. the goodness of life huh? Other than that, I endured 99% of the time standing up. That means that I stood for more or less 9 hours yesterday. That really was a bummer. Killed my legs and hurt my back. Felt like the weight of the world pushing down on me.

Whatever it is. It's worth the effort. Getting 100 bucks for that one day. Of course, it adds to the benefits that I had more than enough eyecandy from the people I work with (excluding the old auntie and the 2 girls that would make me pido) I meant the others.. yes, did I mention that I think my supervisor was pretty darn adorable? She had this little sparkle in her eye and she smiles the biggest smile even for a girl her size. She was slim and slander. Had colored curls and the most adorable voice.. dreamy dreamy it was.. but still.. a little my senior I supposed and way outta my league.. (Not much of harm trying but hey! I was tired mann..) Oh yes, I did also get a little boost in my ego and self confidence considering the fact that girls from other booths did come up to me for my name and number. :P I obliged giving any numbers but the name.. what the heck? Not that they would remember right? And no.. they aren't fugly people that were desperate for guys.. they seemed the happening crowd too.. hip and cool you know? Like some people I know.. namely.. me? Kidding..

Well, came back after that and after dinner, fell flat to bed and slept all throught the night till the very next morning. That was a hefty 12 hours rest. Good for me. But still awaken with a thumping headache and a sore back. Went to church and met so many of my old buddies! Oh my gosh! Can't believe I haven't been there for so long.. Really do miss em people..

After that, I headed out to hangout with friends before heading home for a good rest. Yes, I need alot of that. Been out almost everyday and was driving for huge amounts and it does strain the body. 1st was the long drive I had from Ampang all the way back home.. took me 2-3 hours due to the jam. That was on Wednesday. This was followed by the long Thursday jam and the drive from Damansara to Valencia and of course to KL and back. That took more or less 3-4 hours and yes, knowing KL.. even more jam. I was in a stationary position for up to an hour. Gosh mann! IDiots that don't know how to make em roads less congested. Later on, it was more driving for the rest of the week till today. Whatever it is, it's worth the effort. :D

It's been sometime since I blogged and I'm really running dry on matters to blog about but whatever it is, my life is happening enough to blog so yes, the stories are insufficient but the happenings in life is sufficient..

P.S. Lu.. relax kay! I really didn't mind getting stuck in the jam no biggie.. And I really love the doggie. :D Glad I have it.. As for Dan, keep it cool mann! Things would go your way.. relax. No need to worry too much but of course, sometimes it's good to plan this sorta thing just a little more than day by day. Shobaan.. smile bro. Glad I'm having ya around so much mann.. appreciate it.

"Big people do big things. Little people do small things. But small people with talent can do GREAT things that can only be achieved by people with zeal and determination."

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Brain Dead..

The days flow passed like water running in a stream.. on and on downhill till it reaches a river. So was the time that went by as Bill was lying in bed. A slow, steady beeping sound echoes through the room day in and day out as Bill lays motionless on his bed. He looks peaceful and in total zen as he sleeps on his comfortable bed. Lying there, one would think that he is peace at mind. Not mindful of all the worries and cares of the world. Sadly, Bill was unable to do anything other than what he was doing now..

...Three years ago...

A slow drive in the countryside was what Bill really needed to get his mind off things. The stress and burdens bearing on his mind is too much for him.. right now he just needed to relax. His superiors are being utter jerkoffs as they constantly pushes their responsibilities and as a very giving employee, he does all that was given to him. Now, he just can't bear it. His friends are deserting him, he's in a financial crisis, his family hates him.. How much more worse situations can he be in?

As thoughts filled his mind, he does not observe the divider in front of him that pushes the road he is on into another lane. This is a squeeze for most cars and since he was driving a Jeep, it was utterly impossible for him to sway in time. As his Jeep braces the impact, his ride becomes airborne for a short period of time as his life flashed in front of his eyes.. memories of loved ones came to mind as he lands of multiples spins in the air. As his car lands, it goes out of control and tears it's way into the opposite road digging deeper into a barricade.

The concrete and metal barricade then breaks at the impact as metal spike impaled the vehicle only inches away from severing Bill's body as he lays unconcious in the driver's seat. Blood flowed down his face as dirt covered his face from the rubble and chaos that occured.

...Present day...

"Hey Billy, someone's here to see you.."

*no answer*

"Oh well, make yourself at home.."

After a few words with the stranger, Bill's mum then leaves him unintended with the stranger.
"So, you seem to be doing alright. Hope you do wake up soon anyway. Whatever it is.. I don't blame you. Honestly. Life is about change and mine utterly changed after the death of my daughter. *pauses* I expected you to be more responsible but it's okay. It's a mistake and I forgive and forget.."

The stranger was the father of a girl that became roadkill when she came out of her car to pick up her dollie. The father was waiting for his child and evidently she was part of the accident as Bill lost control of his vehicle and cause the life of his daughter..

Mistakes made in the past affects others in the long run. And now.. it's too late. Nothing can be done to chang what happened before. As the saying goes, "Learn from yesterday to live today for a better tomorrow".

The point of this story wasn't really much about the lesson one learns from it.. To me, right now, it's just the brain dead part of it.. Yes, finally it's over. Even before this - yesterday, I was really hung over.. Blur in the head. My thoughts swam around my mind like a man in an ocean lost and seeking land. That was the situation I was in. Well, had an awesome weekend. Right now just chilling with friends and of course, resting for now. Might have plans at night.

Oh, by the way, I would most probably be flying off soon. Thanks to my parents genius plans. Yes, the way they told me was the peak of the moment. This was how it went.. "Hey Jack, go to church today. It's Sunday. By the way, you're going to USA. Bye" *hangs up*. Oh well, I don't think it would work out anyway. Since I got a genius mind here.. so yes, would talk em outta it one way or another. For now, just enjoying my life as I plan for my destiny. Greatness..

Whatever it is, I really don't have the mood to tell anyone about my weekend so yes, I shall continue in my next post. Probably tonight. So yes, toodles. :D

P.S. Congrats Dan for keeping your blogging experience away from me. If one wants to know about his blog.. ask him yourself. He prefers keeping it personal. And yes, thanks people for making my weekend all the more awesome. You know who you are and I love you guys so much! Rocking my world people!

"The road to greatness is a hardone. But the end of it all is fulfilling as one meets their destiny smiling back at them. With determination and will, one would reach their goal of ultimate greatness.."

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chapter 1.2

Yes, finally things were about to change. No more smell cells and shared bathrooms. No more chores. No more fights with cellmates. He was finally free. The fresh air was all the fresher outside those four walls. Yes, this was Elliot. It was 10 years since his 1st day in the treacherous confinements of the prison. It became his home.
All too familiar to him.. That wasn't good. He hated it in there. This one a mistake that could never be undone. The crime scene fitted perfectly. It was an accident but the damage was done. 10 years wasted and nothing came out of it other than sorrow and bitterness. Never the less, it's behind him now. Everything is about to go back to what it used to be. He can finally see his children, console his wife, meet neighbours..
Of course, enjoy freedom..


Change. That is what everyone plans to do in life. What people do naturally since birth, throughout childhood, going past the teenage years into adulthood and finally till death. Change. That is what gives life what everyone seeks to find these days. Happiness, a true meaning to living. As for Elliot, the end of his life in prison was just the beginning of a fresh new start. Gladness fills him as his family comes to greet him warmly. It was finally over. He still can't believe it as he holds his family in his arms. Feelings rushed through him as tears began to fill his eyes. A tear overflows his eye and rolls down his cheek. "What's wrong daddy?", exclaims his 12 year old daughter. Thoughts flashed through his mind of his life before this.. it was perfect. He was happily married and had his 2nd child. Then it happened, now it was over. He still can't believe it. All he could say to his daughter was this.. "Nothing, nothing at all.. everything would be alright.." Love and compassion was in his touch. Nothing could bring joy to him as much as this.. This was the happiest moment of his life. The beginning of a beautiful life..

As for me, change is about to begin. Finally talked my parents into letting me stay back in Malaysia to continue my studies and as for the furthering it overseas part? It had been pushed to a later date. My car is coming back tomorrow. My job is bearably good. Family loves me as ever. Friends.. don't know what to do without them. Of course, not to mention the religious part of me coming back. Now I finally reconnected my link with God..

Other than that, it's all more or less the same. Life is still rocking my socks off. Loving it so much! Thanks to my loved ones.. Oh and yes, thought it may a little too far into my post but yet, welcome! This is a fresh new start to a whole new chapter of Jack's life. Not too strangely.. it was named the above title. :D It's a new beginning to what was already a good start..

Alright, back to the story, my day wasn't much since I woke up at 3 and bummed around till well.. now. Nothing much done except the talks and planning about tomorrow and so on. Spent time with family. Hung out with Shobaan. That's about it. Yes, thought this may be a short post.. It would be my 1st. Cheers!

P.S. A little shoutout as promised sometime back..Lynnett! You're rocking my world. And yes, you'll always be that little girl by my side that I would always be taking care of. :D No doubt about that! As for the rest of you.. Live life to the fullest. Stick close.. toodles..

"Everything that has a beginning has an ending. But with this ending begins a whole new chapter of a new start. Afresh one runs towards the future, smile gleaming and hands spreaded out embracing a better, sweeter future."