Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Stupid black rain cloud with it's freaking silver lining

Well yes let's just say life sucks to the max aite? You think yours really sucks? Well, you haven't really walked in my shoes have you? To start it off I would say that Chinese New Year is really around the corner. Happy CNY people! Glad to have made it to another new year yet again. Sadly for me, it started out pretty crappy. Well, about recent happenings.. let's see..

Only last week, some stupid idiot decided that he wanted to see ice crystals and wondered how it looked like on my car. As I got back to my car, I really didn't notice anything different with it. I slipped in as usual only to notice that the back windshield was smeared. "Probably the bloody fog..", I thought to myself. Considering the fact that it just rained. As I slammed my door shut, a loud clanking sound like a stained glass being broken into a million pieces, so did my back windshield. Shocked, I walked out to examine it. Alas, it was true. A broken back windshield. Perfect isn't it? Well, I got it fixed a few nights later and I thought that would be the last of it.

Two days back, after a lot of exercise in the park (basketball and sorts), I went home and enjoyed my lunch. This led to a bad case of the stomach ache and then to diarrhea. That rocked my world you know that? Ignoring that issue, I headed off to check on my girlfriend considering the fact that I haven't seen for ages. Well, guess what happened? Some idiot decided to break the glass of my side view mirror right before doing a U-turn. Yes, I became a victim of a hit-and-run case. Perfect isn't it? Especially when I just fixed the car the day before. Perfect!! I got a few injuries too! This rocks doesn't it?

You know what? I can't really be bothered with what's happening. There was more than that happening. The stupid chain of events that continued on and on. You know what? Screw you alright? I might be the most unlucky guy in the world but I still feel lucky knowing that I'm healthy enough and I have a loving girlfriend and friends and family that really love me. So yes, just want to tell everyone out there.. think your life sucks and you want to suicide? The story of my life.. walk in my shoes a little bit and see how it's like.. Bad luck all the way. But never the less.. happy as ever.. living life to the fullest.. :D

"Celebrate Life"