Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Alright.. so this is evidently another car thing. Yes yes, I somehow get myself into stupid situations where everything could be avoided but sumhow became.. inevitable. Here we go again..

It was dark. Very dark. The pitch black of night blanketed the surroundings. The boy was driving at an average speed of 80-100 all the way throught the highway, weaving in and out of the rows of cars that lined the road. He was headed to Subang to meet up with friends that he's missed for donkey years. Finally, a time of reunion where they can actually spend time together doing things and talking again like they used to. With music blarring from the radio, he speeds on continuing the journey just enjoying the wind in his hair. Soon, he slows down and does the final turning into their street.

Upon parking his car, he steps out, takes a deep breath of the night breeze and slams his door shut n locks it. The ground was damp with the evening shower and the air was cool from the night winds. He makes his way to the house and lets himself into their front yard. He was then greeted with a bark from the family dog - Aaron. So yes, he heads into the house greeting all he meets and making himself at home. Soon, the little gathering of friends began conversing and indulging themselves in small talk and updating each other about their lives. Soon, rumbling could be heard in their stomachs and they decided to head to the nearby mamak stall.

They then heads to his car and soon, they were zooming through the quiet streets. Upon arriving, he turns the key and notices something, his car key wasn't in the shape it was before. It was curved to one side. Strange as it is, he just ignored it and joined his friends at the table they were already sitting at. The food finally arrives and they munch down everything to the last bit. Satisfied, they continued chattering away. After all that, they were getting a little tired and decided to get home and perhaps, hang around there somemore before he finally heads home himself. The food was paid for and they left.

They reached the front entrance and the car jerks to a stop. The passenger side's door haven't been working properly recently and the lock was somehow jammed. One must fiddle the key in it's lock a little before it opens up. His friend that was occupying the friend seat tries his best to open the door from the inside but fails miserably. He then climbs out the window and tries even more frantically to unlock the door. Finally, he gives up and passes the key to the boy. He of course tries his best but failed.

"Never mind then..", he says to himself out loud. He turns around and suddenly stops in his tracks. The key was no longer only mishapen. It was cracked at the side. Finding this interesting, he then runs his fingers all around the crack and plays with the key as he walked. With a soft flick, the boy gasped as the key separates into half leaving the bearer stunned. The key's end then spins into the air circling as it flies up away from it's owner. As if in slow motion, the flying tip then descends cutting through the air as it finally lands on the ground with a sound clinging sound as the metal hits the tar road. 1st it was surprise as shock. Then, the boy falls to ground holding his stomach. He bursted into laughter as his friends look on dumbfounded and amazed at the reaction. Soon, his friends joined in too laughing their heads off at what an idiot of a friend they have. After getting themselves together, he then finds the tip and slips it into his pocket.

The little gathering went on and on till the wee hours in the morning. Of course, the rest is history..

P.S. Happy 3rd month anniversary to Shobaan & Jean. My beloved brother and sister-in-law. Do please be lovie dovie and all that.. don't cause me anymore headaches.. Oh and yes, a little shoutout too to my dearest Ivy. :D You still making me smile girl! Many thanks too to Max, Bev & Ethan for being so hospitable for my unexpected stay. Peace!

"Cars are too high-tech for me. Even the keys don't like me. What more can I say?"

Monday, October 29, 2007


Well, today I would just like to post a few cool photos taken recently of friends and so forth..

This was what it looked like on Sunday morning.. sunny and awesome.. got this really nice picture of the sky from a playground near my place..

These pictures are taken by Kit. Thanks Mann.. And no.. there was no editing involved..

Really wonder what this is? Hmm.. some smoke and a few passing lights? Well, this one got me bummed..

Passing Cars..

Yes. This is under a bridge and the traffic is slow moving. The street lights are radiating through the night..


More traffic..

If one uses Federal alot and don't know where this is.. I dubbed thee.. Idiot..

So yes.. here's the pictures along Federal Highway. It was evening time, it was jam and we had a camera. What better to do with our time? We did really want to camwhore that time so no.. took photos of the outside instead and guess what happened? All the above.. well, there are a couple more but.. too lazy to upload anyway. Just awesome mann.. :D

"Stills caught in frames remain the same even after everything else changes."

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Incident..

"Gather around little ones.. gather around..Alright.. let Mr. Korean story you on an incident that occured out of sheer stupidity. "

And so.. the tale unfolds..

This tale happened not so long ago in a not so distant place.. It was around 12 in the night. Right before this, an idiot by the name of Jack had problems with his car. He didn't really know what was going wrong but after much consideration and evaluation, he finally noted that he was short of something - petrol. Knowing that this wasn't the 1st time that this happened, he decided to just get it over with and get to the nearest petrol station to gas up..

On the way there though, his car dies in the middle of the road. Thank the Lord it wasn't busy at all since it was the middle of the night but still, the car was parked strategically on the road blocking cars that were following from the back. Sweat trickles down his brow as he gets out of the car. Panicking, he jiggles in the lock several times before actually turning the key in it's made purpose locking the car door. Thinking fast, he looks up and sees that the nearest petrol station was only about a minute away. "No worries.It's just a short distance away right? I mean.. the people driving here should be smart enough not to crash into my car. And it would only take a second

And so, he walks towards the petrol station with determination to get it over with and get home for a good night's rest. Soon, he reaches his destination and right in front of him, pasted on the counter's seethrough window was a sign - "CLOSE AFTER 12. PLEASE COME BACK LATER".Perfect isn't it? How life is? So yes, the next petrol station was 20 minutes away. Knowing that it's either there or waiting till the next morning. Fueled with determination yet again, he continues his walk. The cool breeze that night was refreshing and evidently helpful in making the trip all the more comfortable.

After a brisk walk, he arrives. A very nice attendant was there and as he sees the boy, he knows what difficulties this idiot was facing. The attendant then fills a gasoline tank with petrol. As he finishes, he shoves it to the boy directing him on what to do. Soon, the idiot boy was walking back to his car with petrol in hand. Relieved that he was back to his car, he pours the content into the shaft that was made to serve it's duties. He turns the key.. nothing happens. He does it again. "Drat! It's not enough!". He heads back to the petrol station for a 2nd round. After much hassle and dassle, the idiot's problem was finally solved..

Now the moral of the story is, never procrastinate. One would end up being in this situation and all one can do is.. laugh. Laugh and the world would laugh at you. That's how it is.."

P.S. Do please learn from this idiot. It's a true story by the way, happened yesterday. Smile people.. or laugh.. I don't care!

"Always prepare for a rainy day, unless one sells umbrellas. No worries then.."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Death Reaping..

As the sun begins to set, mothers hurry their scared children into their homes. Men quicken their footsteps and finish up their daily job hastily. Ghostly winds howl as the trees around them shake in fear as critters scurry into holes and burrows. This is yet another day in the life of many in the village. Shops close by 6 and activity stops by 7. Taverns that used to open till wee hours in the morning are deserted and empty. Soon, night falls. The still air around them gives the atmosphere of suspense as a gentle fog rolls in towards them.

"Be silent my child till he passes by", says the mother to her child.

"Who mother?", he responds.

"He that cannot be named. The One that brings terror and anguish wherever he goes. All fall prey to him and there is no escape when faced by him. Those whom are chosen are cursed. Him that we fear.."

As though practiced for a long time, a creeping shadows blankets the crowdless streets, slowly creeping on towards the village. A dark figure walks slow and steady towards his next destination. Suddenly, with a gleaming scythe in hand, the wandering stranger hastens and dashes through the streets towards a little cottage home right in front of him. With a thrust and a slice, blade hits skin and cuts deep into the flesh. Blood sprays everywhere and a silent scream escapes from his victim. It is all over. With fresh blood trickling down his weapon, the figure turns and walks away..


Well I'll be damned, I'm actually home today. With no plans whatsoever at hand. Sigh, interesting isn't it? Well, I have nothing much to update about today since I woke up, idled my time away, ate alot, worked out, read a little and missed her.. and all the other buggers that have plans at the moment and dumped me here! Grr.. Whatever! Oh well, I did enjoy yesterday I supposed. Actually didn't step into Asia till late at night. What an achievement! And yes, spent more time with Ivy. Alot of time. Weird as it is, most my family actually don't mind her at all. I mean, it's odd but.. my family tends to become 1st class idiots towards girls I know. That's a good sign I guess.. :D

Moving on, I would like to say that Malaysian drivers are seriously dumb! They don't know how to signal, don't know when to speed up or slow down, down know how to use brakes and definitely have not taken any road safety lessons. Gah! Idiots! Whatever it is. I'm still Malaysian too and I would try my best to express my ettiquette on the road as best I can. *gleams his million dollar smile*. Oh yes, did I mention I drove Kit's car just two days back? Whoa it was totally awesome! I could speed through 6pm traffic with ease! I mean.. I do drive safe (signal before changing lanes) and I do know how to brake. But still, I managed to weave through traffic thanks to it's compact size and awesome pickup.. *thumbs up for the car*

OMG! I can't believe it! I totally forgot! The other day, I saw a really cool act. I was driving along minding my own business when I saw an over excited pizza delivery guy doing a one wheeler.. I was like.. "Huh?" He must most probably be happy that he delivered his pizza in time and got to know the customers cute daughter or something.. :P

Sigh.. all I want to say is that I'm bored to death cause I can't call anybody and I'm just so bloody lazy and yet.. I'm bored to death! Guess I would have to go downstairs and grab some food.. that would make me happy.. :D

P.S. A word of thanks to my brothers that live through thick and thin with me. Though we do fight.. slap em ballz bro! We rocking the world together! YeeHaw!

"Baby Steps! Right.."

Friday, October 12, 2007


This is so thanks to the multiple separately random incidents that happened in the course of the day. Well, it all started when I got this really awful haircut. The hairstylist hates me! Gah!! It's so freaking short! And ugly.. sigh. I have no other comments about it. Oh well, have to wait for it to grow eventually..

After the haircut I headed off to Asia yet again. Chilled there for awhile till Ivy arrived. She was supposed to have studying time with her friend at Starbucks but one way or another, we met up.. was chilling awhile before the idiot came along. He was sweating like a pig ( for all you people out there that's sensitive about animal issues.. if you didn't know. Pigs don't sweat.. that's why they roll in mud to cool off. But still.. this is a saying.. so live with it.). He was late too. Thank God we had better things to do and was spending time together. Enjoyable enjoyable.. :D

Well, after all that happened, I had to rush back to pick up my mum. This was where I was stuck in traffic jam after traffic jam with my buddy - Dan. Yes, he was good company I supposed while he was enlightening me on his knowledge of roads and so forth. Sigh.. it was definitely a hectic day but all's good. I'm still clinging on.

The funniest part of this whole day was this.. Yes, this is the part that everyone's been waiting for. The climax! Well, we were having a good game of foos. (We had quite a few good games today.) And we were all prepared. Gabriel was consideringly noobie and no one had faith in him to make a shot when he wanted to shoot from the back. Confidently, Dan opened his big mouth about Gab missing. Well guess what happened? In an instant, Dan could only cover his face as an intensed Gab shot out.. *Wham* the ball darts straight into the goal. Well, foosball. I know..isn't very popular right now but an increasing amount of people enjoy the game these days.

Wait wait.. I haven't reached the funniest part of all. Attempting a really stupid shot where one is required to lift his leg and kick the rod in order to spin it thus executing a shot, Dan being a genius did it. It ended with a bang. Not because he managed to do it. Rather, it was because he was lying on his back laughing his brains out as we noticed what had happened. While doing the shot, Dan slips and thus hangs his legs above his head. The ball rolls slowly sideways ( Definitely not where it was supposed to go) and Dan can be seen gliding through the air. Instantaneously, a thunderous thud could be heard as his fleshy behind hits the floor. Hillarious I tell you. Utter joke of the century. Oh well, worth a good laugh.. All in the name of clean fun..

P.S. Glad to have spent my time with you. Eventhough for a short period. Love it.. just totally love it.. :D Smilez..

"I used to think that self humiliation would scare the girls away. Now that I'm no longer single.. I would do as I please.. woohoo!"
-Quote from Dan Yeo-

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A bad start.. good ending..

You know, those movies that depict people with crappy lives. The way they start and eventually.. they grow out of it and become great people? The sort of movies where underdogs aspire to do great things and eventually they do? Well, my life isn't like that at all. I was born with a silver spoon and I was abusing the power eversince I came to the age of understanding. My parents totally hate me because of that but hey, I'm changing people. Anyway, today I don't intend to talk about my life. I just want to talk about my day.

1 word can describe my day and 1 word only - crappy. It started out bad as I roll off my bed and wake up with a hard thud on the floor. The sun was shining straight into my face as my grandmother pulled the curtains open to reveal the great morning rays. Glaring as it was, it was bearable. Sadly enough, just to get me out of bed she decided to turn off the fan. Of all things to do she had to do that. Yes yes, that's how I was awoken from bed.

Next, I braced myself for my day. Everything was routine and boring. Soon, I was about my business and somehow, around late morning/ early afternoon, I arrived at Asia. It was alright I supposed as we bummed around and all that. Foosing was fun as I was able to achieve a certain level of potential that I haven't been able to grasp for a long time now. So yes, other than that, Shobaan wasn't there 3 quarter of the time and I was bored.

Anyway, I finally decided to head home and was minding my own business driving on the road like any other Malaysian driver. Alas, something dreadful happens. The idiot in front of me jams his brake as he reaches a slow turning that leads to a massive traffic jam ( Pretty usual since it's Federal Highway.. famous for slow crawls). Of course, experienced as I was with idiots, I slowed down simultaneously. Guess what? A BMW behind me didn't know the meaning of stop. This was continued with a loud THUD as he smacked the back of my car. I shot out of my car immediately and gave him the stare that could have taken his life. Dang.. nothing happened. Not even a scratch. Sucks doesn't it? I thought I could get a little bargain out of it.

Oh well, my day ended with me being late for dinner. Getting angry stares from all around and getting forced fed Ginseng for dinner. That's about it. But hey.. the good part. I got to talk with her. :D Yay me! I think.. I don't know.. I seem to be rather attracted to her right now.. I'm not sure it's a good thing or not since I got a hell lot of lectures from my parents about not being in a relationship but heck.. I guess I would give it a try.. That's about it people..

P.S. I so do not look Korean! People! Give me some comments about this! I'm Chinese people! That's the 3rd person today telling me I look Korean. Well, 3rd person I know that said it anyway. There were a few others but heck, I don't know em and I can't be bothered with their comments.. :P

"The worse thing to do in life is not falling down but falling down and not knowing how to stand up again."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Alright.. so weeks passed by and I wasn't really doing much. College was average and boring. Friends are still around all the time. So yes, what's new one might ask? For one, I've finally updated again. Yes, after so long.. I've finally done it again. What else? Oh yes, the good news. My dog, the female one, "little one", she's back! Yup! And she's feeling much better than before. Great ain't it? Just mighty glad having em all back again. All three of em.

In other news, life is status quo. I've not been doing much. Hmm.. met up with Max, Ethan and Bev yesterday. We hung out. That about it. Still at Asia quite often. Damn that stupid place. It's like a bloody addictive hangout spot. Sigh.. what can I do to stop going there? I don't know! Grr..

Anyway, I'm just glad that I'm still alive. Had a few moments recently that was near death situations. Stupid Malaysian drivers. Don't know how to drive. They bloody well think they're flying a plane. Yes yes, of course. I was over at Ming's last Friday. Hahahaha! The drive there was hillarious. It was typical Malaysian driving as I did the changing from 4th lane to 1st lane stint. Also drifted at most the turns. Don't remember what the brake was for. As for speeding.. I didn't really do much..140 the max. Of course, the freaking dividers are just so gey! I nearly hit quite a number of them but apparently, I have this force that pushes me away from them. There were a few close encounters but come on mann! I'm experienced. No more dividers for me. :P

Oh well, apart from all these crappy incidents, there were many laughs with friends and family, many memorable moments and so on. Just too lazy to go on and on with that stuff.. nothing interesting to blog about. So yes, I suppose I would end here..

P.S. Brothers! Those that really made it an experience for me. I'm sorry about making a fool of myself mann! I can't help it. But really, it was awesome! You know who you are and what we did together! Thanks peeps! :D

"When Life Just Isn't As It Seems.."