Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Breaking the Silence..

"After centuries and decades, the sleeping giant was motionless. Laying in it's peaceful slumber in the refuge of the dark caves. Not a single living being was around to awaken it from it's deep sleep. Peaceful as it looks it was once a fearsome creature. Many were terrorized by the destruction and anguish it brought along with it. It's visage was ugly and demented. Atop it's head was a crown of jewels. None could understand why a treasure like that could fall into the hand of this creature. The monster breathes fire and soar in the sky bringing death where it's shadow falls. Scaly and big, it was a terrible enemy. When it finally lay to rest, the world was a safer place. Until now.."

Hmm.. let's see now. That could be a good adventure story wouldn't it? Of dragons and knights of valor. Well, that we leave for another day. Right back to the topic. It's been ages since I last used the internet and even longer since I last blogged. I'm sorry bloggy and all you reading people. But now I'm finally back and ready. It's been a long long time and I have many stories to tell of love and life and a few little incidents that could tickle the funny bone. All that of course would not be fiction.. totally truth. But still, the tales would pour out slowly as I seize them from the pool of my mind. Getting old just doesn't get any better does it? Yes yes, everyone would say.. "You're just 18 dude," but still.. heck.. in less than a month, I would be 1 year older again. Sigh.. Anyway, I'm just back to say hello to everyone. I would be continuing my little tales very soon..

P.S. I miss my girlfriend and I hope she's safe. You over there! No no.. not you Shobz.. You! Yeah! Sarah! Must be taking extra care of my plant kay! You better! Grr.. And you! Lynnett! Come back to KL and show me them highlights you got! And as for you.. Jean! You! Thanks for the dinner.. :D And as for your prezzie.. it would come.. eventually.. eheehehhee...

"Age brings does not bring wisdom and maturity, the mind does."