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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sudden urge to blog..

Considering it's been awhile since I last blogged.. yet again.. I would say I'm glad I'm not that much of an addict anymore.. to blogging anyway. :P I'm actually writing more these days in my journal when anything comes up. Oh kay now updates! Updates people!

I recently joined True Fitness and sadly, got retrenched as they were undergoing a merging and had to let go of the rookies as they were somewhat cutting cost. Oh well, somehow someway I was given a job at Celebrity Fitness. Yes! Some other dumbass fitness center. Well anyway, I requested for the one in Bangsar so as to allow me to actually go home more often. No more staying in Subang I guess. :D

Life is going pretty smooth I supposed. Nothing else really happening these days. Been going out with friends, spending time with family and chilling with my girlfriend. Life is same-o same-o. Been pretty much into health these days. Healthy as I am (ehem..) I decided that since I'm already working at a fitness center, why not just go for gym? It's for free anyway right? So yes, gym is definitely what I've been doing. Other than that, I've recently picked up basketball and badminton again. Gonna stay more fit and rest more. Hehehehe!

Hmm.. so as to conclude this pretty short post, I would like to say.. None of you people I have lost contact with has been forgotten! Yes! That includes them people I rarely talk to these days or those that I haven't even talked to or hung out with in years.. As for those I tend to chill with, good for you people that I actually would spend time with you.. heehhee.. Going to be pretty busy people.. :P

P.S. I love you guys! You know who you are.. and no! I refuse to be tagged.. All those surveys, you miss me! Hah! I've not been tagged.. :P

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