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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year, New Beginning..

It's been ages since I last posted anything on the blog. Seriously, been really really busy with life. Considering the fact that I've moved out of my house and away from my family, internet access have became much harder to come by. Well, life is great. It's a new beginning for me. My birthday just passed as most people know. It's on the 1st day of school in Malaysia aka 3rd of January. Time have been zooming by like a bullet train these days. One moment it's bright and early in the morning. Next thing you know it, it's already nightfall.

Oh well, life's been productive being able to spend it with close friends and loved ones. I get to become more independant now. Doing things for myself. Washing, cleaning, cooking. All that I've done before and more. Very soon I would be getting a job. Yes, Jack is working for now. Bye bye to education for now. Apparently, I really should get some life experience before venturing back into studies. My mind just isn't focus right now and everything I've been doing has now become a giant mess. So, with the new year comes a bright future for me. A do over of sorts and I would make the best out of it.

Only yesterday I was lying down on my bed just thinking. Just thinking about life. Why hasn't there been any change in it. Other than the way of life and what I do, there isn't much change in the course of life. There's no life fulfilling decisions being made. No life changing experiences. Nothing whatsoever. Then I ask myself, "What have I been doing to that goal? Have I done anything fruitful thus far?" I suppose not. So yes, yet again I would say. I would bring a change to my life this coming year and a change for the good. For the betterment of my loved ones, life and ultimately, myself.

Setting the course of life just isn't about picking what we like by feelings or just going with the flow. To be a super achiever, one must 1st have the mindset of success and next, the determination that brings progress to the main purpose - Life changing experiences that would alter history. I've been telling alot of people of my hopes and dreams. My aspirations for the future. What I want to be seen as in the future. Not just another guy that did a little something that can only remembered when memorized in History books. Not just another name that would disappear after a few decades. No! What I stand for is a gigantic change. A wave so massive that it strikes the world where it stands. To make a difference. To change lives. To just.. to just be remembered in our person's hearts as the man that made it possible. The man that made something out of himself when he was close to nothingness.

Of course, I'm not saying that I am nothing right now. I wouldn't say that I don't have anything to rely on. Nobody around to help and guide me. No. I have all of that but that just isn't enough. What really makes a man someone once asked. Is it what he did? How many people he helped? I would say no. What really makes a man then? Well, to me. It's what comes from within that matters. The love and care we give to others. The lives we've touched. The intentions that we put into action and basically just what we think of ourselves. Male at birth but man by choice. That is all I have to say.

Alright, enough of seriousness. Now that it's a new year. I may be a little late but Happy New Year all! Have a great year ahead and make a difference. I know I made mistakes in the past and I would just put it where it belongs - in the past. Now I would turn around and look forward towards the future. That's where destiny is leading me and that's where I would be headed to. Those who live in the past would stay in the past. Those that look to the future are the once that grasp it and does something with it.

P.S. It's a new year and I'm thankful for all that have stayed by my side throughout the past year and still with me running towards the future. Thank you once again and your deeds and thoughts would always be with me. I love you people! Rock on!

"Grabbing Life By The Balls"