Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Friday, March 7, 2008

After God knows how long of inactivity, I'm finally back. Finally found the time to update a little on what's been going on with me. As far as I know, I've been updating.. just not right here. Started writing a journal recently. Saved time since I carry it around and could write my thoughts in it whenever I please. I feel awfully bored today so I decided to come online and blog just for old time's sake. Life is still running as smoothly as it always does. Moved back to my grandma's after so long thanks to the persuasion of my beloved. Without a steady foundation, how am I to build up my life right? Stubbornness and rebellion would not bring me anywhere so I decided to do the mature thing, cling on to my parents while I still have the liberty to do so whilst building up from there.

Started a job in Bangsar Village as a sales assistant. The pay was fair but the job hard. Tiring as it is, breaks were always available. Well, I found myself a proper job recently at a certain hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Wouldn't say much about it till the 1st day of course. Can't keep my hopes up all that high. After all, I still have education to think about. As for my parents, they're happily holiday-ing in Bali. Sent them off myself to LCCT last Sunday morning and they were there ever since. Would be coming back on Saturday. Everything else is just going great. Sister is hard at work and doing great with her boyfriend. Apparently they've lasted for a year plus already.

Well, Ivy is doing superbly of course. Studying hard and juggling parents, education and I. Just really glad to have stumbled on her. :D Anyway, why the hell am I blogging about other people anyway? Maybe because nothing much is really going on with me. So yes.. this really isn't an update of what's been going on with my life.. it's just what's going on with everybody around me.. family that is.. So here I end it.. Signing off..