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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I was actually supposed to be posting yesterday but I somewhat got lazy I supposed. Sigh.. guess what? I think I messed it up! I had from point A to point K. As in the format for my accounts. Sadly, I managed to only remember till point J. 1 point missing mann!! How can that be?! There goes my marks for that 10%.. Yes, all that stress! Just for what? 10% of the overall marks? I really think that is utter rubbish! Rubbish I tell you! Hmm.. went out for lunch with Lynn today. Nothing much actually. Talked alot as usual..
Tonight would actually be the night that Ruth would officially meet my whole family. Not just my direct uncles and aunties. All my family. The whole gang is coming over! Somehow I have the feeling my family just like these sort of occasions. Every little thing and it's "Big Makan"!
Also not forgetting the dinner with Ruth's friends. Would probably be meeting up for steamboat or something.. quite unsure.. Hmm.. just following thru as usual..
Anyway, there really isn't much to blog about and I'm not exactly feeling like being poetic these days. The brain juice really isn't charged and effective anymore.. Sorry people.. I won't be writing any stories or giving words of wisdom. Just standard posts about what's happening etc..

Signing off,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mid Terms

Yup.. it's true. Jack is actually studying for his mid term exam. OMG! It may be simple to many. Yes dan.. I'm talking to you. But for me.. I've never taken Accounts before and I'm undergoing alot of stress trying to remember what is to be written. Getting em butterflies in my stomach.. :S This really sucks considering I'm pretty cool most of the time. But heck, it's been like what? 2 years since my last exam? Oh well, whatever it is. Wish me luck. Would be taking 2 papers today. Accounts and public speaking. Bloody mugging papers! Need to memorize so much. It sucks that I'm not so good with my head. Memory vice anyway. Well, I would be sitting for it in a couple of hours.
Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm ready for it already. Hence me coming online at this critical period and blogging. :P Lalala.. Would be having a family dinner tomorrow and before that would be meeting Ruth's friends for dinner as well. Think they're going out for steamboat or something. Whatever it is. I'm sure I would enjoy it with Ruth by my side. Hmm.. would be storying everyone about it later.
Guess it's about time I head back to studying. Really need to Ace these tests to show my parents and of course my friends that heck.. Jack isn't all bumming and hanging out. Jack's got brains too you know? :D

P.S. I know.. i know.. this is cheesy but.. I love you! :D Heh.. it's true. I'm observant because I choose to be. I want to know things and learn more about you. You know? We can make this work. :)

Signing off,


Monday, February 23, 2009


You know the funniest thing ever? I somewhat messed up my outline presentation for English! OMG! How is that even possible you ask me? Well, I supposed the lecturer was asking too much. I already gave whatever relevant information required based on my topic. But somehow she twisted and turned and I was so lost. I didn't even know what she was trying to ask.
Anyway, class ended already and I'm just chilling in college. For once.. there's not alot of chinese people here. The place seems so much more quiet and serene. :D I'm actually online here right now. cool isn't it? :P
So yes, I'm here waiting a lil while more.. Ruth is coming over for dinner again. Hmm.. Had some issues with my family at 1st but oh well.. it's cool now. Something really weird happened recently. My grandma.. she decided to be some kind of a fashion designer of sorts.. sigh.. she cut my jeans. Now one pair! At the bloody end! There's like this flower design thing. Like petals? Friggin ugly shit mann! Grr.. annoying..
Hmm.. nothing much going on with me. College, friends, family, Ruth. That about it. Oh btw, we're dating.. yup yup. Good for us. Sigh.. finally moved on I supposed. Thanks for the support guys! Anyway, everyone reading this! Be good and take care.. Till the next update.. basically lazy to write any poetic crap so I would just have a chronology of what's going on in my life. That about it. :D Taz..

Signing off,


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The shadow of the night shelters the troubles of the day. I have nothing much to say right now.. it's just that. There's alot to think about. I have nothing I can really say right now about everything.. Sigh.. But yes.. I'm here for you no matter what..



Sunday, February 15, 2009


In need of some time.. :S Why is it that certain things are just so difficult? Why can't life be as simple as it used to be.. when we were all younger. As we mature and grow, so does our mentality, emotions and thinking. Somehow not all of it grows equally at a steady rate. This seriously sucks! I want some help! Grr.. *burst into tears* I hate making choices! Want to be a lil kid again..

A relationship is not based on love alone..