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Friday, March 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

Well, where do I start off? Honestly, I've paused at that 1st sentence for over 10 minutes now. Where do I start? Well, I supposed I should start off with the ranting. OMG! I have to hand in my Econs assignment tomorrow and what time is it already? It's already passed midnight. Sadly to say, I cannot access my web portal.. That means I can't even see what my assignment is all about. To add salt to the wound, I can't contact my teammates. One dropped out of uni. The other.. Sigh.. let's just say he's in a nerdy world of his own. :S Oh well, I supposed Jack's got to do what he's got to do. I knew I shouldn't be procrastinating. I knew that burning midnight oil was wrong. But yet! I did it! So all I need to do is rush through it and hope to get sufficient marks to Ace the friggin class.. Unforeseen I should say.. very unforeseen.

On the a lighter note, I would like to say.. I've had an awesome month! One hell of a month I should add. Getting to know her family and friends. Having her getting get to know mine. Lovely.. absolutely lovely. Yes yes, it's already been a month. Happy one month babe! This is specially for you! I love you. Some may think I know not what love is but heck! I've even exchanged vows with this girl! I want this desperately.. and not just with anyone.. with her! Ruth Choy Ji Yi! I'm glad I have you. Someone understanding, loving and a true giver and taker. I'm glad I found you. I mean.. I've already met you sometime ago but I finally got you and have you as my own. That makes me absolutely happy. :D

P.S. Happy birthday Ji Ming! You're a big boy already. Act like one. :P Hahahaha! Yes.. now I mentioned you too! You and Ruth! Together in one post! Woohoo! Must perasan together.. :P

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