Reliving Every Moment As If It Was The First.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yet one of those nights again

Alright.. I don't want to think about this anymore alright? I give up. I really don't know what to feel anymore. The feelings.. they're so numb right now. I've endured through this all this while. You don't even want to hear from me. Sigh.. enough. I don't want to cling on anymore. Please teach me how to leave. To just live and let go if that's what you want..

On another note, last night was totally awesome I supposed. Jean! You're finally 20! Good for you! Thanks heaps for throwing an awesome party. Had enough to drink. Duhhh.. well, not from our table anyway. Whatever it is. It's all good. Love the crowd.. People! You guys made my day. Which brings me to naming those that actually made it fun for me.. Jean of course. There's also Vernie. Yes! I know you enjoyed your 1st time out clubbing with us! You were smiling ear to ear at the end. There's also Yasmin. Thanks girl.. you were an awesome date. Uhh.. Azfa and gang.. and of course, Candice and Dan.. How can I go clubbing without you two huh? ;) And the rest of the people I barely recall. You guys were an awesome bunch..

Driving on this road of sadness and pain is not my choice to make. If only there was an exit on this friggin highway..

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